Pinnacle joins forces with St. Croix Solutions
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Pinnacle joins forces with St. Croix Solutions

As the technology landscape becomes more diverse, those directly involved in improving security, fostering better connections and serving consumers and corporations that rely on these assets must also find ways of evolving. Pinnacle Business Systems, a leader in corporate technology solutions, recently acquired St. Croix Solutions, a firm with a similar mindset, in order to expand operations and become more of a guiding force in the IT world.

According to a statement from Pinnacle, the company obtained St. Croix as part of a plan to improve its tactical placement within the minds of corporate entities. Pinnacle feels it can help businesses at the forefront of technological advancement by providing the best products and services to the many firms with which it shares its effective strategic initiatives.

"This acquisition represents the best strategic move for both Pinnacle and St. Croix Solutions," said Pinnacle CEO Rob Anderson. "At a time that is crucial for economic recovery, we are confident that the combined company will increase our competitive advantage in products, consultative support and overall value to our customers."

 The combined Pinnacle Business Systems and St. Croix teams will consist of more than 70 experienced personnel, combining workforces and giving both firms an immediate leap forward as a single entity with more players with expertise in a variety of technology fields. Through the partnership, Pinnacle hopes to increase its competitive advantage in products, consultative support and overall customer value.