ICOM/400 - Pinnacle
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What does ICOM 400 do?

  • Messaging with 2-way capabilities
  • Message queue monitoring
  • Monitor and distribute reports
  • Send messages to a central system for user review and response
  • Monitor system audit journal, network addresses, job, QHST, CPU, configuration status, output queue, job queue, IFS, subsystem and object/library size
  • Process commands based on monitor
  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) for main send command
  • Individual, group and on call notification
  • Complex user and recipient scheduling
  • Escalation of unanswered messages
  • Automated responses to inquiry messages
  • Allows you to call the System i and check status levels, issue commands, replay messages, and answer messages
  • Allows your System i to call you with information
  • System Management tool – performance, availability and problem management
  • Attach spooled files as an attachment in PDF format
  • Save off spooled file information to be sent later if a spooled file no longer exists on the system
  • Allow multiple email addresses on a message
  • Logs messages sent and errors
  • Synchronize icom/400 product data and settings between multiple systems or LPARS

What are the benefits?

  • Notification methods include voice, email, snpp, console, fax, pager, network message and telephone
  • Message queue and spooled file monitoring
  • It’s simple, powerful, flexible and responsive
  • Get updated from anywhere using any phone
  • Standard and user-definable system monitors
  • Quick start for easy setup
  • Server proven
  • Saves money

For more information about icom/400 and a detailed list of all the new features click here.

For online technical support or to view/download an icom/400 users guide, click here or call 866-PINNACLE ext. 8714 or email support at ICOM400@pbsnow.com.

To download a 30-day free trial version of the software click here or please send an email to icom400@pbsnow.com.