UPS/400 - Pinnacle
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What does UPS 400 do?

  • Gives software interface to communicate pending power failures
  • Continuous online status of activity can be tailored to send messages at six user-defined intervals.
  • Notifies the system operator that power has been lost and that ups/400 has taken over.
  • Provides host communications to multiple Power Systems with i.

What are the benefits?

  • User-friendly menus and popup windows
  • Preloaded with a sample shutdown procedure in place
  • Can interface with icom/400 to send a power failure message
  • System management tool – performance, availability, problem management
  • Comes prepackaged with a simulated ups power failure “test” kit which utilizes customer-specified or default shutdown criteria that allows you to test your system shutdown in simulation mode.

For technical support call Lance Scott at 866-PINNACLE ext. 8714 or send an email to support at

For more information about ups/400 or a 30-day free trial email a request to