Cisco makes impact on utilities IT
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Cisco makes impact on utilities IT

Over the years, companies have been striving to find ways of cutting costs, be it through getting rid of outdated technology, reducing redundant processes or trying to drive down utilities expenses. Green initiatives and energy-smart solutions have become popular due to the demand for computer use in the modern workplace, which in turn necessitates larger electrical bills every month.

Utilities companies are also trying to find ways of lowering these numbers, not just so their services run better, but also in an effort to reduce their own operational costs. Some have teamed up with IT research and manufacturing firms to accomplish this goal, which may be able to turn electricity providers into more eco-friendly and consumer-friendly entities.

Making a difference
California is one of the biggest energy consumers in the country, making it a prime place to stage an utilities IT revolution. Providers there know that rolling blackouts due to power shortages can be a frequent occurrence in the summer months, and businesses in the region understand that having private generators and backup continuity solutions are part of operating in certain areas. In order to combat this phenomenon, though, power providers are stepping up to challenge the way things are currently done.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) recently announced it will partner with Cisco and Itron in building a smart grid to assist in regulation and distribution of resources, The Herald Online wrote. Backed by the U.S. Department of Energy, the project hopes to employ better recording hardware and tracking software to monitor fluctuations in demand and delivery, using Cisco's GridBlocks technology to route supply more effectively.

Enhanced cooperation makes progress
The initiative will combine the minds and resources of several major green IT companies, Green Tech Media reported, in an effort to increase efficiency in one of the most power-hungry states in the United States. The source wrote that many of the entities working together on this project already use one another's products, but by combining the forces of Cisco and Itron with Proximetry, OSIsoft and Alstom, the hope is that positive results can be realized faster.

By creating a network of interoperable hardware and software devices, the source stated, California's smart grid project could revolutionize the way utilities management is handled throughout the world.