Symantec will use VMware's vCloud for its products
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Symantec will use VMware’s vCloud for its products

One of the largest computer security companies in the world recently made headlines after it announced that it would be using VMware products.

In a statement, Symantec announced that it would be leveraging new tools from the virtualization technology company in conjunction with the release of NetBackup 7.6 later this year.  In addition, the NetBackup Accelerator will run on VMware's cloud system and will be 100 times faster than before. Symantec claims that using the VMware vCloud Director and VMware vCenter Server will help the cloud-based product run even faster than before.

"Symantec product integration with VMware solutions provides organizations the benefit of advanced storage solutions for their Cloud infrastructure, managed in highly secure virtualized environments. In addition, easy backup and retrieval of data and accelerated virtualization represent the first steps of a gradual transition to a Cloud service delivery model," said Anand Naik, managing director of sales for for India and SAARC at Symantec.

Another product levering VMware components is the Symantec Enterprise Vault, which has been certified VMware Ready. Users will be able to better manage their data using an archive method that will have expanded capacity. The Symantec Critical System Protection, which supports VMware vSphere 5 will ensure that users are able to help monitor the virtual systems. Many will be pleased with the added control that comes with the system, giving administrators the chance to monitor potentially suspicious activity and limit the threats of security issues.

Symantec's Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware is able to use VMware vCenter and also supports the vShphere 5.1. Customers will benefit from added SAN storage input.output performance, and also be able to view other information as well.

VMware made other news recently when it hosted VMWorld 2012, where many of the top leaders in the industry were on hand to network and learn about what the firm has to offer. There were more than 20,000 attendees at this years event at the in San Francisco. One of the featured speakers was Dell CEO Michael Dell, who discussed the future of the industry including Big Data.