VMware helps cloud provider speed up service
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VMware helps cloud provider speed up service

In today's business world, speed and quality are a critical combination. Without the ability to do great work quickly, organizations are likely to find themselves falling behind their competitors. VMware recently demonstrated this principal by helping one cloud computing and managed hosting provider speed up its customer interactions.

According to the virtualization and cloud infrastructure firm, Logicworks needed to streamline its customer onboarding process, which was particularly important because the company often works with clients in healthcare. Not only do these medical organizations need their IT systems to be quick efficient and reliable, but they have greatly varying needs. Using VMware virtualization, Logicworks is better able to adhere to app-specific infrastructure requirements and create virtual networks independent from physical hardware. This also maximizes the company's ability to provide its services non-disruptively.

"In the cloud era, speed is the new currency. It drives customer adoption and increased revenues for fast-moving businesses such as Logicworks," said Hatem Naguib, vice president of cloud networking and security at VMware. "Network virtualization, powered by a new generation of software and networking silicon, will lead the transformation of the underlying network architecture that helps customers keep pace with the speed of business."

VMware is no stranger to boosting performance in the medical setting. Recently, the company was recognized by major electronic health records vendor Epic for its VMware Horizon View technologies. VMware became the first VDI solution to be recognized as a "Target Platform" for electronic health records delivery when it passed a variety of performance, scalability and usability tests.

William Lewkowski, CIO at Metro Health Corporation, noted that for his organization, VMware's solutions have been the right choice. The group now saves $1.6 million each year through the use of virtual desktops powered by VMware, he said in a statement.