VMWare increasing access and lowering price for virtualization
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VMWare increasing access and lowering price for virtualization

There is a growing trend among industry leaders to establish virtualized servers as a way of tapping into the collaborative strength of the cloud without giving away corporate governance to a third party. One of the companies most firmly rooted in providing affordable, high-end machines to facilitate these goals is VMWare, and though its competition may try to outshine its selling points, the organization is making aggressive moves to increase its reach in the virtualization market.

Offering more options
According to Computerworld, VMWare's newest option will combine virtualized and public cloud elements, making the deployments more cost effective and adding features that will help companies transition more easily into these kinds of operations. Not all entities understand how virtual clients work, what they need to run them or how they must be maintained, so VMWare's newest option is considered a lighter version of a full virtualization.

"This is a way to create the foundation for customers and partners to build virtual appliances," said Ali Shadman of Infor and Upgrade/S. His organizations are working in tandem with VMWare to produce these bundled applications and have them ready to ship by the end of 2013.

Beating the hype
At the same time that VMWare is finding new ways of offering flexible products and services to its clients, Microsoft is trying to encourage customers to part ways with the provider and buy Windows products instead. An article by Amy Barzdukas, Microsoft's manager of server tools, VMWare's deployments are consistently less cost effective than Windows options.

In an article from InfoWorld, however, product manager Chana Dani of VMWare stated that Barzdukas is simply using VMWare's online datacenter calculator wrong to assist their competitor's marketing strategy. Dani said that VMWare deployments are in some cases 10 times less expensive than what Microsoft offers, as many different kinds of hardware and software go into a virtual deployment.

As the company addressed with beginning work on a lighter, easier virtual application, not all entities understand the intricacies of building a virtual server environment, so jumping in feet first without any other experience or instruction could result in excessive expenses. Computerworld wrote that VMWare's newest offering will likely defray these kinds of problems.