VMware introduces new resources to make compliance easier
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VMware introduces new resources to make compliance easier

One of the biggest concerns regarding cloud technology is how best to comply with regulations to ensure that security standards are being met. In an effort to assist businesses with these issues, VMware recently came out with the Compliance Reference Architectures.

The new documents are meant to help companies in a variety of different industries meet compliance requirements, including Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. Being able to accept and process these credit card payments securely, without compromising consumer data can be made far more simple by viewing these resources and following the steps included.

"Ensuring the security and compliance of business-critical applications is a crucial step in your journey to the cloud," VMware states on its site. "The challenge is to ensure security and compliance while still maintaining flexibility and the ability to scale rapidly."

VMware has been attempting to assist clients in other ways as well, especially when it comes to reaching out to customers. The newly introduced Outcome-Based Marketing (OBM) allows users to narrow down leads and see which ones are more likely to result in sales.