VMware launches Compliance Reference Architecture
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VMware launches Compliance Reference Architecture

In an effort to allow businesses to make payment processing more secure within the cloud, technology companies have been working to create new solutions for merchants in a number of sectors.

In one recent move, VMware came out with its Compliance Reference Architecture, which it says will give users a trusted resource to help achieve Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance in the cloud. The firm claims that those who choose to read the documents will find that compliance is achieved in a more timely manner and meets the standards to ensure that all payments are accepted securely. 

Included as part of the guide are the VMware Architecture Design Guide for PCI and the VMware Solutions Guide for PCI. Clients who are already using products from the firm such as VMware View and vCloud Suite will also get added insight into products.

The leadership of VMware said that the new guidelines created to give users a central location to make the compliance meets previously established standards.

"More and more of our customers are progressing toward advanced stages of the virtualization journey, and addressing the compliance requirements associated with virtualizing business-critical applications is becoming a key consideration," said VMware’s vice president and general manager of virtualization and cloud management, Ramin Sayar, said in a statement.  He went on to say that those who use the reference source would be able to "integrated solutions" to complete tasks faster

In addition, the company is giving audit advisory businesses the chance to become part of the VMware Consulting and Integration Partner Program (CIPP) and the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program.

VMware has been launching other products that it claims will assist clients. In September, the firm came out with the Social Integration Engine, which combines Social Reach Version 3, the Community App manager and other API programs.The company said that adding social tools would  make communication and collaboration easier. Being able to the progress being made by others on a given task or project, in many cases, can ensure that the same thing isn't to save time.