VMWare launches Social Integration Engine to improve collaboration
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VMWare launches Social Integration Engine to improve collaboration

Thanks to new technology, people can collaborate like never before. In one recent announcement, VMware stated that it was making a brand new program available to help business professionals communicate more effectively.

The Social Integration Engine will allow companies to improve collaboration efforts thanks to a whole host of new benefits. VMware stated that the new system would combine the Community App Manager, Social Reach Version 3, and a number of different developers' APIs. Using the added tools, the firm believes, will allow business associates to work more closely thanks to an updated interface and other features.

Executives within VMWare said that the new product would likely have a major impact on how customers perform everyday tasks. The system, if adopted fully, can likely save industry professionals both time and money and help give better service to client in the long run.

"Most people are looking at enterprise social adoption upside-down," said Chuck Dietrich, VP and general manager of social applications at VMware. "The primary goal of adding social to your enterprise is to drive business value, which starts with connecting people and should quickly extend to enhancing your mission-critical business processes."

One of the most important aspects of Social Reach Version 3 is the ability to customize applications. Users can create social-based apps that are customized to meet the needs of businesses in different sectors. In the release announcing the product, the firm cited a Gartner study indicating that more than three quarters, 79 percent, of enterprise companies surveyed had added a specially designed application  to meet their needs.

The new system is available immediately for purchase and is meant to help businesses get access to relevant information in a timely manner at a cost that many will find very affordable. 

VMWare has been making other headlines in recent weeks with additional product releases. The firm introduced a new service called vCloud Service Evaluation, which will leverage the VMWare v Cloud system. In a statement, VMware's president of cloud services, Matthew Lodge, said that the service represented a "broad ecosystem" of cloud products.