VMWare Service Evaluation to give clients more cloud insight
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VMWare Service Evaluation to give clients more cloud insight

Perhaps the biggest trend to hit the technology sector in recent years is cloud-based services. As a result, many of the most prominent names in the field have flooded into this space and continued to come out with new products that aim to meet the demands of clients.

In one recent announcement, VMWare stated that it had come out with a new online service called vCloud Service Evaluation, using the VMWare vCloud platform. According to a release from the company, the new system will give users the chance to learn about the benefits of the cloud and see how the program helps save money.  The information obtained will allow better decisions to be made, according to the firm's executives.

'VMware and its vCloud service providers have created a broad ecosystem of cloud services to meet the needs of any business, and now we're going to give customers an easy way to see the power of a vCloud for themselves,' said Mathew Lodge, vice president of cloud services for VMware. 'With the VMware vCloud Service Evaluation, customers will have a quick, simple and low-cost way to evaluate a vCloud so they can understand the value of working with a vCloud service provider and be prepared to make an informed decision on which public cloud best suits them."

Part of the appeal of the new program is an updated version of vcloud.vware.com, which gives clients the chance to detail experiences they’ve had and ask questions to experts within the firm.

Some of the largest companies in the world have been able to use the program to help assist customers. AT&T’s vice president of hosting, applications and cloud solutions, Mona Abutaleb,said that the system was able to show customers how they were benefiting from using the network based in the cloud. She also said that the firm had been able to combine the evaluation service with its own offering to increase the level of customer satisfaction considerably.

Other products from VMWare have received positive feedback as well. A report from the Tolly Group showed that the company’s IP address management solution could help companies save as much as 300 percent.