VMware upgrades key components on vSphere 5.1
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VMware upgrades key components on vSphere 5.1

One of the most popular trends over the past few years in information technology is the use of cloud operating systems. The programs, according to proponents, make a number of business operations easier{,} thanks to advanced capabilities. Among the industry leaders in this sector is VMware, which has been creating new systems for years.

In it's latest offering, the firm officially released VMware’s vSphere 5.1, which builds on previous system{s,} but with some noticeable improvements. One of the main features of the new system is the VMFS file sharing limits. Whereas previous versions of vSphere cut off the maximum number of hosts able to share read-only documents at 8, the new update increases that number to 32. The additional number could go a long way in helping to make the product easier to use for growing enterprises.

Another part of the system is a new version of the Space Efficient Virtual Disk. The item is designed to help companies that may find that they are running out of space on their existing Virtual Disks. A major competent to this is the SE Sparse Disks, which will use an automated system to increase storage options.

A feature of the updated virtualization tool is the Storage I/O Control Enhancements. Unlike before, the system will automatically be set to a "stats only" model, which can make the gathering of certain types of data easier.

In addition to the storage features, VMware teamed up with EMC to offer the VMwarte vSphere Data Protection, which is run through EMC Avamar software. All users of vSphere 5.1 can manage the system on the vSphere Web Client.

According to those within VMware, the new protection plan will be a good fit for many existing users.

"Backup and recovery is a critical element of virtualization implementations. Our selection of EMC Avamar technology enables us to deliver better backup and recovery capabilities directly from the VMware vSphere platform," Bogomil Balkansky, Senior Vice President, Cloud Infrastructure Products at VMware. "VMware vSphere Data Protection represents a tremendous value-add for our customers and delivers yet another point of differentiation for vSphere 5.1."