Voonami chooses VMware for virtualization
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Voonami chooses VMware for virtualization

When today's businesses engage in IT planning, virtualization is often among the solutions considered. While it can be challenging at first to develop effective strategies for streamlining operations, it can also prove to be highly rewarding.

VMware recently announced that Voonami, a leading company that offers a range of services including co-location, hosting and cloud computing, is using VMware's network virtualization technologies to boost its customer service capabilities. With the help of VMware, Voonami can now offer its enterprise clients a quicker, easier transition to the cloud. Whereas Voonami's clients were once unable to offer their own customers a fully virtualized application environment, VMware's suite of solutions will enable them to provide their clients with the tools they need to succeed. 

"With our existing infrastructure, moving applications around and deploying new applications can be costly and time consuming," said Ben Bush, president of Voonami. "To meet the speed and agility requirements of our customers, we deployed network virtualization to decouple the network from the underlying physical infrastructure. Now we can instantly and programmatically create complex multi-tier application architectures."

Bush added that in his experience, network virtualization is the optimal way to achieve these goals.

VMware noted that virtualization can be beneficial to a range of organizations, especially because it is an excellent way to reduce IT expenses. This makes virtualization an accessible solution even to small organizations, which can then also gain advantages such as increased agility and efficiency. 

Virtualization is an ideal solution for firms in today's rapidly advancing business world because it allows companies to effectively leverage diverse assortments of applications and operations in a more integrated manner, simplifies maintenance requirements and allows firms to consolidate their hardware.

With the assistance of virtualization consulting services, any organization can harness to power of emerging solutions and gain a competitive advantage.