Women in Technology
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Sophie Wilson #womenintech

Pinnacle Business Systems believes it is imperative to give women a place to pursue their dream careers in technology and supports efforts to pave the way for younger generations. Role models like Sophie Wilson, the designer of the Acorn Microcomputer in the late 1970’s, is just one example among many women who have been innovating, creating, and pioneering modern technology for decades.


Here at Pinnacle, you don’t have to look very far to find women who are role models to their peers, the local tech community, and their families. We commend the work and talent that these individuals bring to our team, customers, and the industry, showing resilience and perseverance in a male dominated profession.


In any career, it is important to find like-minded individuals who you can offer support, knowledge and mentorship.

We recommend seven conferences for women in technology to attend, network and be inspired by like-minded women. Including in this list is the Women 2.0 conference held in San Francisco, CA, offering an in-depth panel of discussions, and the Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Conference, featuring Fortune 500 company leaders, entrepreneurs and activists.

According to Pinnacle’s Director of Delivery Services and PMO and Oklahoma Women in Technology’s Board President, Brandy Semore,



“Pinnacle supports women in tech in the way they help us grow our career.”



She speaks about how women from Pinnacle set a shining example of women in technology at conferences across the county.


Pinnacle strives to continue investing in our own employees and spreading awareness of the importance of female tech leaders through initiatives such as #womenintech. Tweet us your favorite women in tech story @pinnacleNOW.