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IT Automation and Virtualization May Be Simpler than You Think

It Automation and Virtualization May Be Simpler than You Think

There’s a fundamental shift underway in the way applications are designed and deployed. Traditionally, applications have been deployed on physical servers – but the transition to living on virtual machines and, more specifically, cloud-native containers, will be critical to success moving forward.

To keep pace, you need to engage in IT automation, IT standardization, and virtualization. The prospect might seem like an intimidating one, but it’s simpler than you think.

Pinnacle Business Systems and Red Hat® OpenShift® are here to help. OpenShift® is the No. 1 container platform for Kubernetes and your solution for developing, deploying, and managing existing and container-based applications seamlessly across multiple IT infrastructures.

Why IT Automation and Virtualization Are Critical

The key to success in the modern landscape is creating value, and you can only create value by delivering applications faster.

The problem with legacy methods is the natural tension between rapid development and security and compliance concerns, which often can’t be reconciled in a timely manner.

That is changing. We now operate in a world that relies on containers for the deployment and packaging of applications. In fact, 451 Research found that 95% of new applications are being developed in containers.

Though it’s possible to run every application on a virtual machine, that isn’t enough to overcome certain barriers to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

For example, while a virtual machine does indeed provide isolation, its static compute and memory, along with high resource usage and the necessity of a complete operating system for every application, pale in comparison to containers’ ability to leverage a shared kernel, burstable compute and memory and comparatively low resources.

In short – containers provide unmatched agility and a more flexible model.

Making the Move to Containers Simpler with OpenShift®

Moving to containers may be the right move, but it’s not an easy one. Not without the right partners, at least.

Kubernetes help organizations install, deploy, harden and operate their applications, but The New Stack found that 75% of enterprise users label “complexity of implementation and operations” as the leading limiting factor between them and beneficial adoption.

Your organization needs a secure and reliable foundation upon which to run and orchestrate multi-container-based applications at scale, and OpenShift® provides that framework.

OpenShift® is a scalable, container-based platform-as-a-service empowering your organization to take advantage of the cloud without rewriting all of your existing applications and improve the speed, scalability, innovation, and cost of your IT organization.

OpenShift® Managed Services automatically include:

  • Robust Support and Operations Oversight
  • Included Monitoring, Service Mesh, Dev Tools, Registry, Metrics, Logging, and CI/CD

OpenShift users have open access to constant support, the latest versions, and patches. To learn more about how Red Hat’s OpenShift® solution enables you to overcome the perceived complexity of going to containers and the cloud and move your business into the future, contact Pinnacle today.