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How Cisco and IBM’s alliance will change cybersecurity

Dangers associated with cyberattacks have driven industries to establish strict compliance standards for sharing and protecting sensitive information. While security techniques are advancing, hackers are constantly evolving their methods as well. Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report found that 431 million new malware variants were added in 2015, a 36 percent increase from the previous year. This trajectory shows just how important it is for organizations to develop comprehensive strategies to safeguard their assets. Cisco and IBM recently forged an alliance that could change cybersecurity tactics and better protect organizations.

Mitigating the complexity of cyber solutions

Cybersecurity is an extremely complex beast to tackle, particularly with how quickly malware variants develop. According to an Enterprise Research Group study, 46 percent of respondents claim they have a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills within their workforce. Lack of knowledge largely prevents organizations from using protection tools effectively, creating the opportunity for hackers to strike. On average, it takes financial services companies 98 days to detect a breach – this number jumps to 197 days for retailers, according to a UBM Tech report. Overall, it would take several days or weeks to identify an intrusion, not to mention recover from one.

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The alliance between IBM and Cisco will help reduce cybersecurity complexity.

Cisco’s 2017 Security Capabilities Benchmark Study found that 29 percent of respondents were using six to 10 security products, 21 percent were leveraging 11 to 25 solutions and 11 percent had 25 to 50 different programs. The union between Cisco and IBM is aiming to mitigate this complexity and provide businesses with simpler ways to protect themselves. New services created from this alliance could reduce the desperate search for cybersecurity professionals and enable organizations to capably fend for themselves.

“The organizations set up an open line of communication to swap threat intelligence.”

Striking a common enemy

Cisco and IBM are both tech giants in their own rights, but have partnered on various levels for a long time. Threats like WannaCry ransomware, among others, impact everyone, spurring these companies to make an official partnership to align their security profiles. As a result, the organizations set up an open line of communication to swap threat intelligence and prevent others from becoming victims.

The complementary natures of the offerings from both businesses has solidified as they’ve grown. Fortune noted that the companies are planning to introduce product integrations that will officially connect their portfolios. Cisco will build applications for IBM’s QRadar threat intelligence platform as well as tools for Firepower and Threat Grid. IBM is also planning to incorporate Cisco’s products into its IT support offerings. These tie-ins will help alleviate the stress customers face and better address security threats.

“Putting IBM and Cisco together, they become almost like the two-headed monster in security,” said Steve Morgan, founder and CEO of Cybersecurity Ventures, told Fortune. “The size and scale of what they would have together would be unrivaled.”

Cisco and IBM are making the most of this partnership

Cisco and IBM’s collaboration is significantly changing the game for cybersecurity capabilities and advancement. The integration of their security research teams and offerings shows a major effort to battle the rising sophistication of hacking techniques and better protect customers. Rather than having so many disparate programs, organizations can rely on a suite supported by two expert manufacturers. This will give leaders peace of mind that any issues will be quickly mitigated and that their security efforts can protect sensitive assets.

As the cybersecurity threat landscape continues to change, it will be important for organizations to utilize these services effectively. Pinnacle Business Systems is a partner with both Cisco and IBM, putting us in a unique position to configure your IT solutions correctly and provide support. For more information on what Cisco and IBM’s partnership means for your cybersecurity initiatives, contact Pinnacle Business Systems today.