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Enhancing app delivery with F5 Networks

Secure and reliable application support has become more important to organizations as employees increasingly look to access business resources anywhere on any device at any time. Digital threats are increasingly targeting these programs to gain critical information access other areas of the network. Poor app performance in general can also damage customer satisfaction, brand reputation and revenue opportunities. F5 Networks is launching new services to ensure software can take on the needs of modern users.

“F5 Networks solutions help applications go faster, smarter and safer in any cloud.”

Solutions for multi-cloud environments

Organizations are increasingly leveraging cloud platforms to support, run and maintain essential applications. However, each provider has different capabilities, pushing leaders to adopt multiple cloud architectures within their infrastructure. F5 Networks aimed to ensure that businesses can achieve faster time to market, deployment flexibility and more effective security within their cloud environments.

As more organizations look to deploy applications in multiple clouds, they are struggling to manage different development environments, orchestration technologies and tool sets. F5 Networks introduced a suite of applications services to help applications go faster, smarter and safer in any cloud, Networks Asia stated. F5’s cloud solution templates for market-leading providers reduces the complexity of deploying F5’s services for applications in the public cloud. The suite also enables greater choice for cloud platforms and enable deployment directly from public cloud marketplaces. These capabilities will make it much easier to power intelligent application services in the cloud with the performance, security and stability that users expect.

Enhancing app delivery with F5 networks

F5 Networks looks to ensure app security and reliability in the cloud.

F5 Networks is Strengthening software security

F5 is working hard to improve its standing as an applications services provider as well as display its potential as a cybersecurity player. ITP.net contributor David Ndichu noted that F5 aims to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of business applications. Organizations can use F5 services to carry out DevOps in a secure fashion, establish the right access management policy and access a database of known bad IP addresses. These capabilities can effectively steer businesses away from malware attacks and other cyberthreats. Businesses can also leverage F5 solutions to provide visibility into encrypted traffic and ensure full protection.

In a separate ITP.net piece, Ndichu noted that security could be a major part of the future for F5 Networks. The provider’s BIG-IP Application Security Manager is already being used to protect web service from malicious traffic. Security is also quickly becoming the fastest growing segment of the business’s portfolio as customers continue to seek new and innovative ways to protect themselves without sacrificing quality of app operations.

“We created the cloud form factor because we want customers and partners to have an easier means of protecting themselves without the headache of having to putting up the infrastructure in their install base. Our cloud offerings also provide a very cost effective means for them to be protected,” F5 director Taj El Khayat told Ndichu.

Applications are essential to business processes and must be supported effectively for optimal operations. F5 Networks launched a new suite of applications and refocused on security to ensure protection and performance in the cloud. To take advantage of F5 Networks solutions within your business, partner up with a certified reseller like Pinnacle Business Systems.