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Discover, predict, and prevent system slowdowns and prevent potential outages with Galileo and Pinnacle.

Get to know Galileo

If you’re interested in proactive, data-driven IT capacity management to improve and enhance your infrastructure performance, Galileo may be a good fit for your company! Galileo can help with infrastructure planning, capacity management, and cloud migration with their predictive analytics offerings.

Galileo and Pinnacle

Pinnacle has partnered with Galileo to assist our customers looking to optimize innovation initiatives and align their diverse infrastructure assets with capacity needs. With Galileo, you will be able to better discover, predict, and prevent any systems slowdowns and potentials for outages. Monitoring your current environment and finding ways to improve it are key to having a healthy network infrastructure.

Contact us for more information on Galileo’s offerings and how Pinnacle can help find the right solution for you.

Galileo News