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HP using Artificial Intelligence to bring its offerings to the next level

For many, when we think of the future of technology, we see flying cars, robots and other intelligent devices. However, this future is a lot closer than we might think. Technology has undergone a number of major changes, shifting to keeping up with customer demands and business requirements. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being leveraged to enable machine-to-machine communication and autonomous decision-making. AI is a critical benefit to making strategic adjustments, and HP is using this technology to bring its offerings to the next level.

HP using AI to bring its offerings to the next level

HPE is offering solutions poised as machines with brains.

Making development easier

Applications are expected to perform a lot of unique functions, and any inadequacies can mean the failure of a program. However, creating the type of data-rich apps that users expect can be complex and difficult to achieve. Hewlett Packard Enterprise sought to alleviate some of these challenges with its Haven OnDemand cloud platform. According to PCWorld, this solution offers machine learning APIs and services that help make development easier. Haven OnDemand includes a number of pre-build and customizable APIs as well as a drag-and-drop interface to string APIs together and paste code directly into projects. By simplifying combinations to a single API call, organizations can improve data throughput.

Delivering deeper stories

People are consuming more media through their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. When reading a story, a user might want to learn more about a topic or research associated articles, but this often requires additional searching and time. Quartz and HPE are teaming up to deliver ads powered with artificial intelligence in the form of a chatbot named Hugo. According to Adweek, Quartz’s technology will analyze an article and display a relevant ad to prompt users to start a conversation with Hugo. The chatbot will help direct the conversation deeper down to a sales function and what you want to learn next. The organizations likened Hugo to a machine with a brain and are aiming to provide interconnectivity for readers.

HPE is also bringing digital transformation to bigger venues like stadiums to provide a more immersive, connected experience. Tottenham Hotspur recently announced that it selected HPE to help it build one of the most technologically advanced stadiums ever. This means enabling connectivity across the entire venue, ensuring flexibility for future demands and providing enhanced visitor experience solutions. AI could easily find a place in this area in the future to extend engagement.

“AI can ease pains associated with explosive data growth.”

Improving data use

Big data has become a major initiative, but it’s difficult for organizations to achieve without the right tools. HPE noted that AI can ease pains associated with explosive data growth and deliver actionable insights. Taking a gradual approach will help your business advance with the technology and increase familiarity with the solution.

AI is becoming a big factor for future development, and organizations are increasingly realizing the benefits this technology can bring. To keep up with HP and HPE advances, partner with a certified reseller like Pinnacle Business Systems today.