On Air with Pinnacle Podcast: IT Innovations in Education Systems
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On Air with Pinnacle Podcast: Education & Technology: IT Innovations in Education Systems

In the ever-growing world of technology, functional and purposeful IT is becoming a high priority for institutions to provide the very best technology experience for their students and staff. In this episode of On Air with Pinnacle, Jack Green, Pinnacle’s Education and Government Solutions Leader along with Todd Borland, Executive Director of Technology for Union Public Schools discusses the importance of meeting technology needs for students and staff and IT innovation in school systems.

This podcast dives into the world of eSports and how belonging to a league can positively impact a student’s life. As Todd and Jack mention, belonging to a league can help boost engagement, build character, and even empower students to foster a good community around them.

The big picture in IT innovation when it comes to education systems is to help students and staff by making things easy and simple while still remaining secure and reliable.