PODCAST: How To Pull Off a Company Rebrand in the IT Industry
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PODCAST: How to Pull Off a Company Rebrand in the IT Industry


As Pinnacle rounded our 30 year anniversary, we decided we needed a facelift to reflect the new services we provide and a tag line that highlighted our core principle and the key to our evergreen success–“Attention you deserve.” This tag line embodies Pinnacle’s main feature–a keen ear for listening to its client’s needs. Amber Lawhun, Pinnacle’s VP of Marketing and Partner Programs, discusses how to pull off a successful company rebrand on a MarketScale Podcast “How To Pull Off a Company Rebrand in the IT Industry” with Daniel Litwin.

“When we talk about ‘rebrand’, it’s not that we had a culture change internally. It was more of a facelift to mimic what we had already been doing internally.” – Amber Lawhun

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