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With Pinnacle and Citrix, we will find the right virtual desktop infrastructure, enterprise mobility and network management for your business.

VDI for every business

Citrix is a software and hardware development company that specializes in virtual desktop infrastructure, enterprise mobility and network management. With products from Citrix, organizations can enhance the power of their IT infrastructure and create better productivity throughout the IT department.


The benefits of VDI are numerous. By rapidly deploying a common desktop across your whole environment, updates can be pushed out more quickly and security issues are easier to fix. Citrix products can streamline VDI deployment of various interfaces. For instance, with 2015’s release of Windows 10, Citrix products like XenApp and XenDesktop facilitate virtual deployments of Windows 10 across the entire computing environment.

Deploy and virtualize with Pinnacle

At Pinnacle Business Systems, we have the know-how to get your organization paired with VDI and enterprise mobility solutions from Citrix. What’s more, our experts are available whenever you need them, whatever you need them for.┬áCall our Midwest offices 24/7 with your questions about your IT infrastructure, and we’ll know how to help.

Partner with Pinnacle to find the right Citrix products for your business needs.

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