Lenovo Solutions Reseller | Pinnacle
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Pinnacle is a Lenovo Partner

With Pinnacle and Lenovo, we have you covered from personal computing devices to your data center hardware needs, including servers, storage and networking solutions.

Lenovo networking, storage and server offerings

For data center hardware needs, companies can turn to Lenovo. Perhaps best known for their personal computing devices, Lenovo also offers servers, storage and networking solutions – if it’s in your data center, this company offers it For instance, the Lenovo XClarity product allows companies to streamline hardware resource management – even of virtual networks – and speed up cloud deployments. From network switches to management software, Lenovo solutions can significantly enhance your IT portfolio.

The Lenovo and Pinnacle value

Here at Pinnacle, we’re data center experts. What does that mean? It means we know how to help you determine what technologies and services are needed to reach your data center goals. As a certified Lenovo partner, we can recommend – and then offer support for – the solution that will allow you to optimize your WAN, enhance application delivery, successfully monitor your networks, secure hardware and much more. When you work with Pinnacle, consider us as another expert on your team.

Learn more about the range of solutions Lenovo offers for your business needs.