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Pinnacle is a Pivot3 Partner

With Pinnacle and Pivot3,  we provide innovative hyper-convergence and software-defined storage technologies to help your business strengthen the availability and flexibility of the computing environments.

Who is Pivot3?

The Pivot3 name is associated with innovative hyper-convergence and software-defined storage technologies that work to help organizations strengthen the availability and flexibility of their computing environments. What does this mean? Basically, hyper-convergence is the integration of all the main components of the data center: Networking, storage and servers are all combined into one solution, improving operational efficiency and facilitating agility within your IT infrastructure.

Why our partnership works

Hyper-convergence can help organizations decrease costs and consolidate IT spending — thereby increasing efficiency in the long term, as well. In addition, Pivot3’s global hyper-convergence infrastructure solutions can be essential for companies with high-performance workloads — especially in the areas of virtual desktop infrastructure and disaster recovery efforts. By partnering with Pinnacle Business Systems and Pivot3, you can maximize your IT investment and get the most out of your infrastructure, while at the same time benefiting from our in-house expertise in all things hyper-converged.

Looking to improve the organization, flexibility and scalability of your data center infrastructure? Pinnacle can help you consolidate your assets and strengthen your technology strategy with Pivot3 solutions.


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