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With Pinnacle and Pure Storage, we can incorporate flash storage technology to boost application performance and increase flexibility while at the same time cutting down on the required time frame in applications.

Benefits of flash storage

When it comes to storing and working with your data and applications, flash storage represents a speedy benefit for enterprises. With Pure Storage products, you can make server and application investments more productive while simultaneously reducing IT spend. The flash storage technology utilized by Pure Storage, like the FlashArray//m, can boost application performance and increase flexibility and at the same time cut down on the required time frame.

Your go-to Pure Storage reseller

Pinnacle Business Systems knows that having an effective data analytics program starts at the processing level. What is the data you’re looking to analyze? Where is it stored? The answer to the second question can make all the difference in faster performance and greater agility with computing applications. We can help you determine what flash storage can contribute to your objectives, and then offer the kind of hands-on support you’re looking for in a business partner.

See how you can strengthen your computing power with flash storage.


Pure Storage News

We will be at Pure Accelerate May 22-24 in San Francisco. If you'll be at the conference let us know, we'd love to see you!...