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The Benefits of SOC-as-a-Service

Cybersecurity incidents continue to grow, both in scope and in the variety of institutions that are targeted, from government networks and Fortune 500 companies to smaller businesses with limited defensive infrastructure and tech budgets.

So, the resources that these organizations do have must be put to exceptionally good use. IBM reported that the average cost of a data breach now stands at $3.92 million. In addition, the public relations fallout of a data breach can cause serious injury to a business’s brand. One awful incident could be enough to sink a company.

If you don’t have the resources or staff on hand to run your own dedicated onsite security operations center (SOC), what are you to do?

Fortunately, the growth of subscription-based, outsourced SOC-as-a-Service solutions brings more comprehensive cybersecurity within the price range of small and medium-sized businesses.

Standard SOC-as-a-Service packageBusinessman looking at futuristic technology

The central benefit of using SOC-as-a-Service over an onsite team is that the price structure enables you to purchase greater coverage from a remote, outsourced vendor. Additionally, the subscription model means that you’re not locked into a set service package. When you renew your contract, you can scale your coverage up or down to meet your business’s shifting needs.

Some of the common components of a standard SOC-as-a-Service package include round-the-clock automated network security reviewing and notifications. In addition, these automated services are usually augmented with an overview by professionals employed by the service provider.

Also, SOC-as-a-Service packages should typically include recordkeeping that ensures basic compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

How a SOC-as-a-Service offering can stand out

The user interface for the customer portal of a SOC-as-a-Service product can be a real differentiator for these plans. If the UI isn’t intuitive and actionable, customers will struggle to make full use of the services or demonstrate ROI to internal stakeholders.

Additionally, deep machine learning for comprehensive and advanced threat detection is crucial, as is the human component. Where machine learning leaves off, you should feel comfortable knowing that the staff for your SOC-as-a-Service product stand ready to assist you at all hours.

It’s also beneficial for these products to offer advanced compliance and risk management, as well as an endpoint, firewall, and cloud security solution management.

When all is said and done, these enhanced features can support advanced threat detection that enables you to take precautions, avoiding a breach before it occurs, instead of putting you in the reactive position of responding to attacks. Because once an attack occurs, it may have already jeopardized your business’s brand reputation and the company’s standing in the marketplace.

Is PBS PhantomWatch the right choice for you?

If you’re looking for SOC-as-a-Service, our PhantomWatch offering is a formidable and reliable solution, but it’s still easy to use and backed by 24/7 maintenance from an organization of respected cybersecurity professionals.

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