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Benefits of wireless, edition 2: Gaming industry

For the second installment of our wireless technologies benefits blog series, we’ll be looking at the gaming industry – specifically how and why casinos should be taking advantage of wireless infrastructure and mobile devices.

By the end of 2017, the mobile gambling industry will be worth upward of $100 billion. Tapping into this wellspring of potential should be top of mind for gaming industry experts and casino proprietors. Taking advantage of mobile technologies to strengthen offerings and get more consumers in the doors will remain an important aspect going forward.

Here are the top reasons casinos should get on the wireless trend and deploy mobile solutions:

1. Enhance flexibility and expandability

When gaming institutions deploy wireless technologies for all of the machines on the casino floor, they bring a level of flexibility that wouldn’t normally be present in traditional wired systems. Truly wireless devices wouldn’t need extensive cabling work and would thus offer the opportunity for casino operators to get rid of their old infrastructure. Legacy systems present challenges during moves – risks include possible damage and mislab​eled cables, both of which could result in time and money lost while looking for replacements or the proper wiring.

Casinos are beginning to take advantage of wireless technologies to overcome these challenges. For example, according to GGRAsia, the casino electronic table game maker Alfastreet was planning to go wireless in 2016. The scope of the strategy included incorporating wireless technologies into the communications linking machines to a gaming venue’s floor management system and back-of-house functions, allowing casino operators to relocate machines on the floor of the business without complicated problems.

“Going wireless with our ETG products will reduce the hassle for the technicians of doing all the cabling work. It will make the setup as easy as possible,” explained Deric Goh, Alfastreet’s sales director for Asia.

slot machines

Wireless tech just makes sense in casinos.

2. Take advantage of mobile device ubiquity

In addition to making the operation of the casino floor itself a little easier, gaming experts know that mobile games may be the future of the industry. According to Market Realist, the gaming industry is expected to continue growing for the foreseeable future, and that growth is partly dependent on the surge of opportunities for game developers and casino managers to expand their existing channels. Mobile gaming is one of those channels.

There are plenty of mobile gambling games that consumers can download to their smartphones – which adds a level of competition for physical casinos. However, if these venues can take advantage of the consumer demand for mobile gambling, they can combine their years of expertise with the mobile trend to create new forms of revenue to bring into their business.

“Organizations can invest in wireless customer service kiosks and digital signage.”

3. Gain a competitive advantage

Wireless solutions go beyond providing enhanced flexibility and mobility for both casino patrons and employees. By upgrading to modern gaming technologies, casinos stand to gain a competitive advantage over similar businesses in the industry. It can help these organizations avoid hurdles to adopting next-generation gaming experiences.

Gaming tech isn’t the only place where casinos can improve their operations. Organizations can also invest in wireless customer service kiosks and digital signage. By offering these kinds of amenities to both guests and employees, casinos can improve operations, but also enhance the overall experience of everyone who walks in the door.

In the end, taking advantage of wireless technologies to improve both customer and employee experiences is critical. For more information about how casinos can invest in wireless technologies and improve their mobile strategies, get in touch with the experts at Pinnacle Business Systems today.