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How virtualization can benefit different industries

Virtualization has been touted as a significant effort to support processes while simultaneously making businesses more sustainable and efficient. This technology might seem to be applicable for only tech-heavy industries, but the truth is that a variety of sectors can take advantage of virtualization. Let’s take a closer look at how virtualization benefits different industries and why your business should leverage it:

virtualization can benefit different industries

Telcos are going to make virtualization a priority in the future.


In legacy setups, organizations assigned one service per physical server; however, this meant that a lot of hardware goes unused, reducing potential return on investment. Telcos have resisted virtual options for a long time, but it seems that many are becoming more open to adopting virtualization for their operations. At the 2017 GITEX Technology Week, VMware predicted virtualization will become a priority for telcos in the near future, particularly as 5G technology becomes the norm, TechRadar reported. Telcos can use virtualization for simple services that are still being run on physical servers. This way, instead of waiting months before a service can be delivered, telcos can do it virtually over a period of days. Virtualizing processes will help make things more convenient for telcos while freeing up time and resources.


On the surface, the education industry might not seem to be in dire need of virtualization. However, it’s important to consider the fact that schools are implementing more computer labs and rolling out mobile device opportunities, all of which must be supported by infrastructure including servers. With virtualization, server utilization rates can be improved, reducing server related costs and extending the life of the hardware, The Researchpedia stated. Server virtualization also provides a uniform experience to all students, ensures that students can work from any workstation and enables remote access to necessary resources, all without compromising security protocols.

“Server virtualization allows medical professionals to quickly open files while on the go.”


Healthcare institutions are increasingly relying on technology to deliver quality care and operate effectively. However, if doctors don’t have access to the data they need, this creates significant downtime and leaves room for errors. Electronic health records are becoming commonplace across health facilities, allowing medical professionals to quickly access and update patient files. It’s important that EHR information can be shared between different doctors, specialists and facilities, providing accessibility as well as security.

Virtualization has the answer to these needs. As HIT Infrastructure noted, virtualization enables administrators to set clearance parameters, ensuring that only authorized people have access to certain files. Server virtualization also provides considerable convenience, allowing medical professionals to quickly open files while on the go. This reduces downtime while allowing doctors to perform at their best.

Virtualization isn’t just for data centers and tech-heavy industries – most sectors can now benefit from server digitization. By teaming up with a VMware partner like Pinnacle Business Systems, you can rest assured that your virtualized environment will be tailored to your specific needs. To learn more about how your business can take advantage of virtualization, contact Pinnacle Business Systems today.