4 Systems & Strategies That Will Put Pressure On Your Network This Year
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4 Systems and strategies that will put pressure on your network this year

One technology essential that businesses simply cannot operate without is a robust network to underpin all of their most important systems. In fact, this asset is becoming increasingly critical, as innovative solutions are introduced – while these can be significantly beneficial, these advancements can also consume considerable network resources, and companies must be prepared.

Let’s take a look at which tech strategies will put the most pressure on your network this year.

Data storage and analytics

There’s no denying the power of data analytics. Now that this strategy is being used to support decision-making and other factors more often than ever before, companies must have adequate network assets to ensure they can provide the necessary data storage that analytics initiatives require.

Artificial intelligence can support smart conversational platforms, allowing customers to get assistance outside of regular business hours.

Artificial intelligence can support smart conversational platforms, allowing customers to get assistance outside of regular business hours.

AI conversational platforms

Artificial intelligence has been around for some time, but only recently made the jump into valuable use cases for business. Just one example of this includes conversational platforms that rely on AI to direct responses to customer queries. In this way, consumers can reach out to brands to have their questions answered, and the businesses can leverage an intelligent AI platform.

Gartner found that 59 percent of businesses are currently building out their AI strategies, and creating a robust and supportive network is the main step here.

IoT developments

The Internet of Things (IoT) is another area that’s quickly evolving and bringing about emerging business potential. Gartner predicted that organizations will increasingly investigate opportunities that combine intelligent strategies like the IoT and AI, and that use cases will keep growing across a range of industry sectors.


What’s more, as the IoT continues to develop, its network will include smart devices that work collaboratively, thereby expanding available capabilities and reach.

Considering blockchain

In addition to the IoT and AI, businesses – particularly within the technology and financial service sectors – are looking into the potential of blockchain. Because it is such a new concept, opportunities for use cases are considerable. As Fortune noted, combining the IoT with blockchain technology could help create more traceable interactions that reduce unauthorized access and hacking.

Robust network support required

Before organizations can kick off initiatives that involve these, or other advanced, resource-intensive concepts, they must ensure that their network can support them. Without the right support in place, the performance and use of systems and apps across the network suffer and it’s difficult to achieve the value that certain use cases promise.

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