On Air with Pinnacle Podcast: Ensure the Future By Protecting the Past
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On Air with Pinnacle Podcast: Ensure the Future By Protecting the Past


Senior Systems Engineer, Lane Leach of Pinnacle Business Systems discusses the importance of ensuring the future of your company’s most important asset — data — by protecting the past. Lane goes through the critical factors of protecting and backing up data and shares best practices for companies to consider when it comes to preserving data. In addition, he covers how important it is for companies to shift their mindset to data that is more important than the equipment that fills their data centers.

Lane goes on to share best-case and worst-case scenarios of real-world customer experiences. For example, he shares a personal story of when he was onsite with a Pinnacle customer working to expand their backup capacity when preventative measures kicked in and literally saved the day. He shares how our customer’s employee connected to an internet email provider, opened an email, and accessed a corrupted file that immediately mapped to the company’s specific area of the network. Luckily, there were safeguards in place that effectively prevented the ransomware attack from impacting the organization’s entire network and thus they were able to avoid a catastrophic and expensive recovery process.

In another real-world example, Lane talks about the OG&E scheduled power outages of 2019 and the impact it had on businesses and close to 2 million people. While this was isolated to certain counties in California due to threatening high winds and possible fire threats, Lane asks how your company might survive this sort of proactive shut-down to your operations. Imagine your company being in one of those counties. Where is your data during the times the power goes off? What about your employees, can they still conduct business? Will your accounting, HR, and accounts receivables be able to manage? What about payroll?

Lane’s years of personal experience with ensuring our customers are preserving their data lends thoughtful and knowledgeable insight to this must listen to podcast.

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