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Hitachi breaking the mold with new initiatives

Technology is constantly advancing, and organizations are striving to make inroads by using new trends to evolve their offerings. Emerging hardware and software bring significant opportunities for vendors and businesses to get ahead of the competition while serving customer needs. As a result, Hitachi and other providers are stepping outside of their comfort zone to take advantage of unexplored or underdeveloped territory.

Companies are no longer relegating themselves to one area of technology, particularly as customer requirements continue to shift. By having hands in so many different areas, organizations can create comprehensive support and contribute to technology improvements. Hitachi is breaking the mold with many of its new initiatives to improve processes and make operations more efficient.

Hitachi is removing bottlenecks with support systems

Manufacturing facilities are full of moving parts and are one part of a larger supply chain. If anything goes wrong at any point in the chain, it could significantly impact production and the ability to deliver according to customer expectations. Inaccurate inventory management and late order shipments, for example, are common bottlenecks that can emerge if operations aren’t tracked and handled appropriately.

Machine building car

New Hitachi solutions help optimize manufacturing processes.

Hitachi recently announced that it would be launching products to help remove the obstacles within manufacturing processes. Starting July 2016, the company will deploy a progress and operation monitoring system as well as a work improvement support solution. These offerings will help visualize work progress in real time using Internet of Things technology, forming solution cores for IoT platform Lumada. Hitachi is aiming to optimize supply chain and production activities from end-to-end, reducing production lead time and improving response capabilities to diverse needs.

Establishing a protected online workplace

Employees are increasingly looking to work in digital and mobile environments, but this can pose a significant threat to sensitive data if it’s not protected effectively. Industries have strict compliance regulations governing how information can be stored, shared, access and more. Breaches can lead to massive fines and reputational damage. Fortunately, vendors are increasingly building better security tools and online platforms for business use.

An Hitachi subsidiary recently revealed that the newest version of Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere provides tools that employees need to make them more engaged, productive and efficient within the digital workplace. HCP Anywhere’s new collaboration and data protection capabilities ensure that employees can share files anytime, anywhere on any device without compromising security. With greater information safeguards, IT managers have greater governance, control and visibility over company data both in transit and at rest. This makes monitoring much simpler and will help better identify unusual or unauthorized behavior.

“Hitachi is creating new devices for a variety of industries that it might not typically be associated with.”

Stepping into new territory with innovative offerings

While Hitachi is still a technology provider, it’s creating new devices for a variety of industries that it might not typically be associated with. For example, the organization developed a new ultrasound screening technology to help detect breast cancer without causing pain, The Jakarta Post reported. Patients lie face down and put their chest into an attached container filled with water. Ultrasonic waves are used for 360 degrees of scanning, and finishes in about one minute. The technology has already been able to detect tumors in clinical tests and could be put into practical use by 2020. This new method eliminate pain associated with mammography techniques and increase the accuracy of detection.

Another Hitachi subsidiary is also exploring using temperature sensor systems in produce applications. Certain foods must be kept under optimal conditions to be sold, otherwise it will rot and need to be thrown out, wasting food and money. According to The Packer, the organization will display a temperature sensor system and a solution that monitors both temperature and humidity at the National Restaurant Association show. This will be a chance to demonstrate the technology’s capabilities to restaurant operators and produce-focused distributors. Durability in extreme temperatures and accurate condition monitoring will be two major benefits.

Organizations are increasingly stepping out of their comfort zones to create innovative technology. Hitachi has numerous initiatives underway to improve manufacturing operations, protect online workers, enhance breast cancer scanning techniques and ensure produce viability. To find out how to take advantage of Hitachi offerings within your business, contact Pinnacle Business Systems today.