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A look at Dell EMC Midrange Storage solutions: SC Series and VxRail

The enterprise storage solution market continues to grow, and businesses look to make the most of the informational assets they have on hand. According to IDC research, the global storage market expanded by 14 percent in Q3 of 2017, and one of the key leaders in this sector is Dell EMC, with an 18.8 percent market share.

Pinnacle is a preferred partner with Dell EMC and is here to help with companies’ storage and networking needs. Today, let’s take a closer look at Dell EMC midrange storage solutions, including the SC Series and VxRail appliance specifically.

Dell EMC midrange storage

With increasing reliance on data analytics and related informational assets, businesses require more robust storage solutions to support their data-heavy pursuits. Dell EMC currently has the industry’s No. 1 midrange storage portfolio, supporting benefits including:

  • Simplicity: Midrange storage solutions can be set up in less than 10 minutes and configured in about 15 minutes, considerably streamlining the overall deployment process.
  • Performance: These systems support 400K+ IOPS, sub-ms latency and active performance for all of a business’s data storage needs.
  • Efficiency: Midrange storage solutions enable the lowest cost per gigabyte of storage, making them incredibly cost-efficient.
  • Extensibility: Dell EMC midrange storage supports online migration of key workloads and data assets, as well as DIP upgrades to future-proof the enterprise’s storage infrastructure.
  • Reliability: Dell EMC enables 99.999 percent reliability. And with decades of experience between Dell EMC and Pinnacle, administrators can rest easy knowing their storage needs are in the hands of skilled professionals.
A look at Dell EMC Midrange Storage solutions - SC Series and VxRail

Dell EMC is a leader in data storage, and Pinnacle is a preferred partner, supporting Dell EMC deployments with unmatched expertise.

Midrange solutions: SC Series and VxRail

Dell EMC’s midrange storage solutions include the SC Series, encompassing all-flash, hybrid or all-HDD systems that enable enterprise-class capabilities while supporting internal IT budgets. The SC Series family spans varying levels of storage capacity, from 672 terabytes all the way up to 3 petabyte support. These flexible solutions enable enterprises to expand capacity and bandwidth and take advantage of new features like data progression, compression, SC Federation and SC Replication.

Another beneficial option is the VxRail, which comes with a full suite of capabilities built in. The appliance is powered by VMware’s industry-leading vSAN and can be integrated into a range of vSphere infrastructure licenses. In addition, the VxRail has lifecycle management and support tools like VxRail Manager and Secure Report Support, as well as data protection options like vSphere Data Protection, vSphere Replication and RecoverPoint for VMs.

VxRail enables key management capabilities across the storage infrastructure, ensuring enterprises can easily deploy appliances supported by automation and update software in the most streamlined manner possible. In addition, VxRail Manager allows users to access dashboards that encompass essential monitoring benchmarks for health, events and physical views.

Overall, VxRail is now the gold standard in hyper-converged storage infrastructure, with up to twice the IOPS, support for a nearly limitless number of configurations based on different use cases and nine times more predictable response times.

To find out more about Dell EMC’s midrange storage solutions include the VxRail, connect with us today.