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Top IT Trends of 2019: Is Your Business Ready?

Each year, industry-leading research firm Gartner releases its list of the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends. More often than not, the list is a veritable who’s who of trending tech solutions and emerging approaches for making the most of available resources.

Let’s take a closer look at expert predictions – including from Gartner and other researchers – for what will be big in IT this year.

Bringing automation and analytics together

For the past few years, automation and big data analytics have reigned as some of the leading buzzwords around. Now, these two strategies are being brought together in, what Gartner is calling, the “third major wave for data and analytics capabilities.”

“40% of all data science projects will be automated by 2020.”

This approach, known as augmented analytics, relies on the use of automated algorithms to speed time analytics results. And, as Gartner predicts 40 percent of all data science projects will be automated by 2020, this trend puts us on the right track.

AI: Crossing over into the mainstream

Last year was a big year for artificial intelligence, with considerable headway being made in a number of key use cases. Perfect Price’s Alexander Shartsis told Forbes that 2019 will be the year when AI actually breaks into the mainstream and will be used for more than just supporting custom advertisements. Namely, AI will be a driving force behind more realistic use of blockchain, which fell somewhat flat last year.

“This year was a terrible year for blockchain, but 2019 will see new applications and possibly a breakout company or two,” Shartsis said. “AI is perched on the edge of the chasm, which early adopters giving the early majority confidence.”

Top IT Trends of 2019 imageImproving cybersecurity with AL and ML

Speaking of AI, blockchain isn’t the only arena in which this approach will be increasingly critical. Life Cycle Engineering Inc.’s Michael Hoyt told Forbes that this year will also see the emergence of AI and ML to support more robust cybersecurity. As hackers continually up the ante with rising sophistication in their breach and attack strategies, leveraging AI and ML in this manner will be a welcomed advancement.

“As these technologies learn and improve you will see a much quicker, less costly response to our adversarial attacks,” Hoyt said.

Quantum computing shakes up traditional processes

While the tech industry has buzzed about quantum computing for years, Gartner predicts that 2019 will see these strategies truly come to fruition. In the near future, this could prove considerably disruptive for IT infrastructures.

“Quantum computers are able to theoretically work on millions of computations at once,” Gartner noted. “Quantum computing in the form of a commercially available, affordable and reliable service would transform some industries.”

To find out more about the trending strategies emerging with IT this year and how to best support these within your infrastructure, connect with the solution experts at Pinnacle today.