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How virtualization can benefit your business

Organizations often govern a number of critical assets on-site or through a data center service. However, this type of management can become very expensive and complex to maintain, which impacts future advancements and initiatives. Virtualization has emerged as an answer to better application support by fundamentally changing the way IT resources are managed and deployed. Businesses can see a number of benefits from virtualization when used effectively:

Virtualization results in faster provisioning

Company needs shift quickly, making it necessary for your IT infrastructure to have the flexibility necessary to keep up with these changes. Traditionally, new requirements might necessitate hardware investment. However, this equipment may not be fully utilized or needed at other points in the future. This wastes a significant amount of money and time in configuring the system. Virtualization allows organizations to move server workloads from one virtual workspace to the next, providing flexibility and maximizing resources on the fly, Columbia Business Times noted. Provisioning based on your needs will also help increase utilization, reduce energy needs and improve server performance.

Provisioning to scale will be a critical benefit for modern businesses. You will no longer have to worry about breaking the bank to increase resources or miss out on ROI if you need to scale back. Virtualization ensures that leaders only use the amount of infrastructure it needs and that it adapts to their particular requirements.

virtualization inside a data center

Virtualization has a number of business benefits.

Resolve problems quickly

IT professionals are accustomed to being firefighters – responding quickly to user issues and mitigating them before they can cause damage. However, some problems are not easy to root out and eliminate, often leading to downtime or other threats. Staff members must have the best tools and information on hand to manage problems and avoid service disruptions.

BizTech Magazine contributor Jesus Vigo noted that virtualization services often have cost-effective apps and training for in-depth management of virtual machines. Users can get an in-depth view of their infrastructure to make better decisions and shorten response times. Alerts concerning performance problems will be essential to upholding the end-user experience and mitigating issues before they lead to downtime.

“Deploy a DR platform within your VMware environment to protect VM workloads.”

Simplify disaster recovery strategies

With the mounting number of data security threats, it’s becoming more important than ever for organizations to have a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy. However, the complexity of DR can make it difficult to design an effective plan. TechTarget’s Stephen J. Bigelow suggested assessing your DR goals and designing your strategy by prioritizing VMs to ensure that the most important workloads are protected most aggressively. Other VMs might not be as important, but will still need to be accounted for in recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives.

Organizations can deploy a new DR platform within their VMware environment to protect VM workloads as intended. It will be important to regularly test, review and update the DR plan to ensure it meets workload and business needs. By following these processes on a regular basis, organizations can adjust their DR strategy and have peace of mind that their critical resources will be available in the event of an emergency.

Virtualization adoption is on the rise, and it brings a number of benefits that businesses can take advantage of. Simpler DR strategies, quicker problem resolution and faster provisioning are but a few advantages that organizations can yield by virtualizing their workloads. As a VMware partner, we understand how to configure your virtualized environments and drive your migration efforts. For more information on how virtualization can help your organization, contact Pinnacle Business Systems today.