Unified Communications & Telepresence Solutions | Pinnacle
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Integrate multiple communication and collaboration software
applications to improve business processes and productivity.

Inability to reach individuals and get responses in a timely fashion can cause delays in product or service delivery with serious financial consequences. However, while investments in technology, such as instant messaging, collaboration software and mobile devices, can make employees more accessible, they can also complicate business communications. That is why unified communications and virtual collaboration are more relevant than ever.

Communication Made Simple

A well-designed unified communications services solution brings video, voice, email, and instant messaging technology together. The upshot? Speed plus simplicity, which accelerates responsiveness, increases productivity and reduces operating costs. A common user interface from an integrated unified communications platform makes it easier for employees to use the myriad communications channels and features. Not only does this promote greater adoption, it is cost effective and simpler to manage than deploying and maintaining multiple standalone applications.

Our unified communications service solutions connect people, information
and teams, enabling comprehensive and effective collaboration. As a result:

Integrate seamlessly

Gain effortless communication among channels anywhere, anytime, using familiar interfaces and corporate resources.

Increase Productivity

A consistent interface keeps disparate communications tools in sync for real-time, high-value collaboration.

Add workforce flexibility

New opportunities open up when remote, branch and office workers have affordable access to the same tools and technology.

Reduce costs

Save money by streamlining technology and taking advantage of toll bypass, SIP trunks, and lower power and cooling expenses, among other savings opportunities.

Best of all worlds

Enable new technologies while unifying systems, devices and applications from multiple vendors. Make the best use of existing app investments.

Profitability in Optimized Communications

Discover how a unified communications solution from Pinnacle Business Systems can accelerate productivity from the individual to the enterprise level, making your organize more responsive, competitive and profitable.