Network Topology Mapping Service for IT Professionals - Pinnacle
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VIDEO: Network Topology Mapping Service for IT Professionals – Pinnacle

Away from the office buzz, Pinnacle employees are coming up with creative ways to stay connected. Here’s a quick video about our Network Topology Mapping Service offering that our Sr. Director of Professional Services Engagement made from her home office. As you watch, think about your own company’s IT network, does any of the below sound familiar?

  • Your team lacks a strong understanding and documentation of your network and how the data flows across it.
  • The network knowledge that you do have is in an “engineers” head or in an outdated program.
  • Troubleshooting potential network related issues is tedious because of the lack of knowledge of the network.
  • The current process for upgrading your network topology is manual, or altogether lacking.
  • Onboarding of new IT staff is slow, due to learning and acclimating to current network infrastructure.

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