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Pinnacle is a TippingPoint Partner

With Pinnacle and TippingPoint, we offer a wide range of network security solutions with real-time network protection, visibility and centralized management and analytics that are easy to use, configure and install.

Who is TippingPoint?

This cybersecurity firm, which was recently acquired by Trend Micro, offers a range of solutions for all of your network security needs. TippingPoint’s Threat Protection, Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention and Advanced Threat Protection systems are all examples of products that can help companies take their network security to the next level. Something fun that TippingPoint has a hand in: The company also sponsors an annual event called the Zero Day Initiative, wherein hackers try to expose vulnerabilities in common systems so that the systems’ creators can create patches and work to prevent those specific kinds of intrusions.


TippingPoint also offers Digital Vaccine Labs Threat Intelligence which contains more than 10,000 security filters written to address attacks and known vulnerabilities. Also, our Security Management System integrates security policy, response, and visibility across all TippingPoint network security devices through centralized network security management.

Enhance your security with Pinnacle and TippingPoint

At Pinnacle Business Systems, our experts have every tool available to them so that they can serve the distinct needs of enterprises across the board. Network security is crucial to keeping your business afloat: You need to keep your data safe, private and accessible to the people who need it at the most critical times. Trust Pinnacle to help you strengthen your cybersecurity strategies and safeguard your networks against unauthorized intrusion.

See how Pinnacle, together with TippingPoint, can enhance your network security.

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