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3 ways unified communications can support a best-in-class customer experience

One of the best ways a brand can differentiate itself from its market competitors is by providing an enjoyable experience for customers. This process demands a lot from the company, including the ability to make connections and communicate with customers and to reconcile any situation that results in dissatisfaction.

What’s more, today’s consumers have specific preferences surrounding brand communication. Businesses that ignore these requirements can quickly fall behind in their industry sector.

Supporting a beneficial customer experience calls for a few key components, including a robust unified communications solution. Let’s examine the ways in which UC technology can be an asset:

3 ways unified communications can support a best-in-class customer experience

Businesses must provide a variety of communication avenues for customers.

UC allows clients to use their preferred channel

Studies have shown that customers have a variety of preferences when it comes to brand communications. Inc. reported that 42 percent of consumers actively seek live chat over voice calling options to avoid being put on hold. What’s more, of those that utilize live chat functions, 92 percent noted that they were satisfied with their experience. In comparison, 88 percent were satisfied with voice calling, 85 percent appreciated the ability to use email, and 84 percent felt most satisfied after reaching out to the brand via Facebook.

At the same time, different customer situations or issues may call for the use of a different communication channel. A client that received a damaged item in shipping may want to email photos as opposed to calling the brand to resolve the problem.

Overall, it’s imperative that businesses provide different channels to choose from. In this way, consumers can select the best option to suit their needs, contributing to more supportive experience.

Boots on the ground: Support for remote workers

Some industries provide services that require an in-person connection with customers. For example, a consumer filing an insurance claim may need to connect with an agent face-to-face to discuss damages and the claim process. In these situations, not only is it important for the customers’ needs to be supported, but the employee traveling to the location must be able to connect with co-workers and communication as well.

“51% of customers prefer to purchase from businesses that are available 24/7.”

This is another situation in which a UC system proves invaluable. When employees need to travel to visit clients or connect in a remote capacity, an advanced UC platform ensures they’re never out of touch.

Enabling professionalism from any size organization

Whether a business is a multinational corporation or a smaller, regional operation, UC can provide a sense of professionalism to the brand image. Currently, just over half – 51 percent – of customers prefer to purchase from businesses that are available 24/7. With options like email, intelligent call routing, live chat, and other elements, even small organizations can achieve a professional and service-focused image and company culture.

Providing a winning customer experience is nearly impossible without robust UC technology. To find out more, connect with the experts at Pinnacle today.